Property Investment

Investment in property has been the cornerstone of household wealth for Australians over the last 100 years. With a surging population comes huge demand for residential property; the long-term benefits far outweigh the cost of ownership.

Yet the statistics show, that just under 73% of ALL property investors in Australia only ever buy one investment property. This is largely due to misinformation, lack of research & understanding, no goals, no strategy and relying too much on luck. As an investor, the questions shouldn’t be “how many properties can I own”, or “how soon can I retire from the rat-race.”

The most important question is: “Can I hold onto my portfolio across the long-term economic cycles, no matter what happens (including vacancies, maintenance, management etc.).”

This is why our clients succeed!

Why Choose Motivate Property?

Education is our Priority

Our team is committed to educate and provide the on-going support to our clients to ensure they can make the most informed decision possible.

We have all the Solutions

We provide research from the top research experts in Australia and can provide solutions for finance, property management, accounting and financial planning.

We have no Fees

As we’re able to provide multiple services under the one roof, we don’t charge our clients fee’s for our property investment coaching or training. We’d rather you keep that in your back pocket.

It's as simple as this three step process

1. Strategise

Understanding your own unique situation is critical, as everyone requires a different solution – we can help work out the best pathway for you.

2. Implement

Whether you’re looking to build, buy or develop, we can help you from finding the site, all the way through to handing you the keys

3. Grow

The ultimate aim is for your property portfolio to be working most efficiently, to replace your income, so you can live life without the stress of money.

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