A planning session is the first step in the process where we sit down and discuss your goals, your current situation and show you how the Motivate Property Investment Strategy works, the numbers to back it all up, as well as how we operate as a business. We recommend to bring in as many questions as you can think of!

Once you become a client, the next step is for the finance team to assess your situation with the banks, and from there we will build you a Motivate Property Strategy to present to you in our second session.

For our property investment education, training, coaching we don’t charge any fee’s. We’re one of the only companies in Australia that don’t charge fee’s. There are NO upfront fee’s, monthly fee’s or annual fee’s – EVER!

If you invest with anything less than a 20% deposit, then typically you will pay LMI. However, some clients don’t have the capacity to provide 20%+costs and require alternative options. We can show you the numbers during your Planning Session.

This depends on you and your cash-flow; however, our finance specialists can discuss your options and show you the numbers.

As an investor, the minimum deposit is normally around $50,000. As an owner-occupier, the minimum deposit is normally around $35,000. As a First Home Owner, the minimum deposit is normally around $20,000.

We would absolutely recommend investing in a good property manager. For the fee that you pay, they find and assess potential tenants, collect the rent, pay your property expenses, inspect and maintain the property standard to ensure you’re able to get the best return from your investment.  

This really depends on your situation, as the different types of investment strategies are all good, however they work better for different types of investors. We can show you the numbers during your Planning Session.

Like any asset, the value will likely go up and down forever – as an investor, get used to it! They key with successful property investment isn’t about panicking and selling when things go down. It’s about having the best structure and strategy, so that you can hold on no matter what happens, throughout every phase of the economic cycles.  

All you need is an income, deposit and a good history with the banks. Our finance team can as some questions to help work this out.